I’m a seasoned pro who likes to make the real-estate process fun.
But don’t just take my word for it!

“Linda Carol Davis has assisted us with 4 home sales. She is very professional, knowledgeable and ethical. I would highly recommend Linda Carol to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

“When we purchased our home in Chapel Hill with the help of Linda Carol Davis 10 years ago, our experience could hardly have been better. She is thoroughly knowledgeable about the area and its neighborhoods, and extraordinarily informed about the complex details of real estate exchanges. … Expert, trustworthy and reliable, she handled all sorts of matters for us while we were out of town and in the hectic process of packing.”

“We used Linda Carol to purchase our house several years ago. … She understood what our short-term and long-term plans were with our house. … She continues to be our sounding board for questions that we have from time to time.”

“Where Linda Carol added tremendous value was in the negotiation process. I feel that she worked very hard to help me negotiate a fair deal, identify any potential maintenance issues in advance and address those issues during the due diligence period so as to avoid any surprises after closing. I consequently felt I had a full understanding of the pluses and minuses of the property I was purchasing. To that end, Linda Carol's contacts and personal relationships with local construction and maintenance firms proved very beneficial, as did her relationships with other players, such as other realtors the local mortgage officer at my bank.”

“I looked at lots of different types of properties with [Linda Carol], and she consistently had strong insights about the location, resale potential, construction, design and other practicalities. Her detail-oriented process helped me to get a good deal. We looked through the properties' previous listings, studied comps together and made offers that I was comfortable with. She never pressured me to up my offer or to continue negotiating if I felt the seller and I were too far apart. Throughout the inspection, closing and even my settling in, she was again a supportive and informative agent.”

"Linda Carol Davis did an excellent job selling our house. She was upfront with us about what we needed to do to increase its value (without needlessly spending money), and she was very responsive. I always felt that she had our interests in mind. With her many years of experience, she is also a savvy negotiator."

“I’d trust Linda Carol Davis to sell my soul! Proactive, effective, intelligent, prescient. I have bought and sold a lot of homes from the Northeast to California, and [Linda Carol] is about the best real estate agent I've ever had.”

“Over the years, Linda Carol has helped me buy and sell six residential properties located in Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Durham. These properties have ranged from modest in-town homes to large country estates. In each case, I have been impressed with her ability to creatively problem solve as issues arose. She has shown herself to be a powerful advocate, strong negotiator and compassionate friend. Above all, I have been impressed by her high level of integrity and attention to detail in all matters. Her patience and good humor have been a godsend …”