Come on in.

Meet Linda Carol

About Me

Chapel Hill is my hometown. I’ve lived here for 25 years.

I grew up in South Carolina, where families passed homes down through the generations, a continuation of a personal history.

Through the years, I’ve bought and renovated architecturally intriguing homes – the first being a Dutch colonial. I’ve always been charmed by a good setting – the way a house is married to the land.

Eventually, my love of homes fostered an interest in the business of buying and selling them. I took courses in real estate law, learned about contracts and torts, and pursued a graduate degree in business administration.

I’ve now been a broker for 25 years. At this stage in my career, I’m an expert negotiator, and I know the Chapel Hill market like the back of my hand. It’s where I live, and it’s where I choose to focus my work.

My Philosophy

Having done this for more than two decades, I’m more interested in securing the right deal for you than for me.

Success, as I define it, isn’t making millions of dollars, but working with a select few clients within a five-mile radius of my own home, offering them personal attention and protecting their money as if it were my own.

Nothing delights me more than helping folks find a home they love. I know all the ins and outs of home buying and selling, how to be your advocate from first glance to closing. My mission is to ensure that by the time you move in, you will know as much about your home as possible – that there will be no surprises! Not only will you have a space you love, but one that is a good investment.

I won’t talk you into something that is not the best decision for you – just so I can make a commission.

I hear time and again that my clients value my competent business skills, my ability to problem solve, my attention to detail, my commitment to saving clients money and my integrity.

What My Clients Say

"Linda Carol Davis has assisted us with 4 home sales. She is very professional, knowledgeable and ethical. I would highly recommend Linda Carol to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

"Linda Carol has remarkable insight into what her clients need and possesses the kind of experience that makes it possible for her to find the right place and make it all happen. Over the years we have turned to Linda Carol for all kinds of 'house advice,' and she has always delivered. She is simply a superb real estate agent."

"I’d trust Linda Carol Davis to sell my soul! Proactive, effective, intelligent, prescient. I have bought and sold a lot of homes from the Northeast to California, and Davis is about the best real estate agent I've ever had."