Generally Speaking

  • The terrain. With plenty of trees and rolling hills, nature provides a gorgeous backdrop to everything that happens here.
  • The architecture. It runs the gamut, and I love our old neighborhoods with winding streets. The town has done a great job keeping an old-timey, “village” feel.
  • The seasons. I’m crazy about all of them. Well, sometimes I complain a bit about August, but other than that, I love this climate.
  • The convenience. I live about a mile from downtown in an older neighborhood. My house was built in 1940, and I have two acres. My property has pecan trees, a vegetable garden, pear trees and fig trees. I find a lot of solitude at home. But I can be anywhere – the bank, the grocery store, the gym, UNC’s campus, a movie theater – in five minutes. We’re also geographically close to so many other places. Weekend trips to Charleston, the mountains, the coast and Smith Mountain Lake are easy.
  • The people. Chapel Hillians really are warm, friendly and inclusive. I’m happy to say that I have friends who are young, old, married, single – and they represent numerous cultures. They’re also very engaged – they care about this town and are willing to guide it as it grows and evolves. Chapel Hillians are devoted to social justice – they want to make this town work for all of its citizens, and that’s important to me. Along those lines, we’re a population that does a lot of volunteering for our tremendous nonprofit community. When we see a need, to work hard to meet it.
  • The energy. It’s an intangible thing, but this is a community with a good vibe. There’s always something going on – the biggest problem becomes how to pick and choose ways to spend your time!


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